Yes, there is a way you can teach your child that Christmas is about more than chocolate and gifts...

Do you remember how excited you felt each morning in December, counting down the days until Christmas? The thrill from being allowed to eat the chocolate from your advent calendar before breakfast? Have you watched your children argue over who gets to open today's window or smiled at the delight on their faces as they uncover a little keepsake?

Starting the days in December by opening the door on an Advent Calendar is a fun tradition enjoyed by many, but the best thing about Christmas is that it's about so much more than "things". Our Advent Calendar app is a lovely way to reinforce something that we believe is really important at Christmas-time: sharing as a family.

Each evening, sit down together with our app and see what our calendar has in store for you to share together. With over 100 pages, the windows have something behind them for everyone:

* Christmas-related short stories and poems by the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen, O. Henry, M. A. Haley, E. T. A. Hoffmann, Clement Clarke Moore and others. 

* 3 recipes

* Spot the difference and other little games

* Instructions on how to make a gift box 

...All beautifully and whimsically illustrated by Viviane Dommann. Zoom in and explore together all the pictures and discover:

* Christmas figures like Santa Claus and The Nutcracker sharing the pages with characters from well-known European folk tales. 

* Interactive features such as Pinocchio's nose - do you know where it goes? That his nose in fact grows?!

* Hidden sounds - Christmas tunes, animal noises, musical instruments and more, oh my!

And unlike 'real' Advent Calendars, your children can't 'cheat' and open the windows ahead of time! Starting on December 1st, a window will open each day until Christmas and cannot be opened beforehand (if this feature is activated in iPad settings).

Regardless of where you live, with our app you can enjoy together an advent season full of snow, baking, stories, games, music and most importantly, family.