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The fairy tales collected and transcribed by the Brothers Grimm have been enjoyed by generations of children. As parents, we know how it feels to want to share with our kids the stories that entertained us as children, but these same stories often include elements that offend our modern sensibilities. Well, with The Frog King, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Our app includes both the traditional version of the Grimm's folktale and a version that is... well, not so traditional!

The Frog King, better known in English as either The Frog Prince or the Princess and the Frog, is a story that has existed in various forms for centuries. The Brothers Grimm were the first to write a complete version of this story and appropriately enough it was the first tale in their collection of stories for children. It tells of a beautiful but spoiled princess who, upon accidentally dropping her golden ball in a well, promises to let a frog be her companion if he retrieves the ball for her. Unfortunately, after the frog successfully recovers the ball, the Princess proves herself untrustworthy by breaking her promise. Undeterred, the frog follows her home and the next day arrives at the castle. After her father insists, the Princess reluctantly fulfills her promise and the frog is transformed into a Prince.

With the traditional version of the story, your child can immerse themselves in the enchanted world of fairy tales. In addition, they will be learning timeless lessons such as: don't make judgements based solely on appearances and promises should neither be made lightly nor broken. The second version of the story points out the many things about tales from a bygone era that seem very alien to us, but in a way that will have both you and your child giggling. Read right to the end of the story to see pages from a very unusual family photo album!

Both versions of the story can either be read by you or your child or you can relax and listen to the versions narrated by professional voice actors. The app includes beautifully detailed illustrations by Vivianne Dommann, ambient music and many interactive elements. Touch the people (and amphibians!) on the screen to hear hidden sounds and keep an eye out for items that appear to be sprinkled with fairy dust...

Explore the Extras section which includes jokes, facts about frogs and toads, two games and a quiz. Make sure you read both versions of the story and the frog and toad facts before you try the quiz because if you answer all the questions  correctly then we will email you a little reward!

Illustrations by Viviane Dommann.