Featured in the Books category in the Swiss App Store

Since its release, Grimm's Frog King and Grimm's Frog King lite have been featured in the Swiss App Store in the books category.


Kirkus Reviews

...this is a clever update of a classic that allows young readers to question old stereotypes.

The iMums

This app has a lot included for the price, and I would recommend it as an interesting adaptation of a classic Grimm’s Fairytale.


"There are very few apps with a better or more interesting story than this 'version with a Funny Twist'....

The extras actually add something to the story and aren't just the standard fare: There are a series of frog jokes, a chart comparing frogs and toads, a quiz on the story details and a rather funny commentary on the relevancy of the monarchy in today's world."

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Special Apps, Special Kids

Review by a teacher of upper elementary students / speech language pathology assistant:

Having two different versions of the same story is perfect for working on compare/contrast skills, which is what I had planned on.  After reading the second version with a narrator adding her own commentary about the characters' feelings and motives, it was clear this would actually be a perfect opportunity to talk about concepts such as humor/sarcasm, and point of view/theory of mind. The kids ended up wanting to make their own commentary just like the second version of the story (We agreed there was no way the frog would want to marry someone as mean as the princess). This led to rewriting our own ending.

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